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Here is a selection of our recent projects with many photographs and explanation of the building process. Keeping you updated and fully informed about the progress makes things easy to perceive and understand.

Whether searching for building of a house, a swimming pool or repair works you can find new ideas, follow the up-to date works or just explore the current projects. So, what's new?

What's new

January 2021 07/01/2021
The fitting and the plastering of the insulation on the ground floor continues. The plumbing installation of the external sink and the aluminum cladding of the roof on the ground floor are done.
January 2021 05/01/2021
The shuttering and the reinforcement of the patio, the paths around the house and the path from the street to the gate is fitted. The electricity and water supply for the house have been connected and we are starting to make the electrical and plumbing installation inside. The plumbing installation to the summer kitchen is ready. Then the concrete is poured. The electricity and water supply inside the house are being done. Then the screeds are done. Plasterboard is installed on the ceilings and plastered. The walls are being rendered. The basement level is lowered by digging. The basement ceiling is reinforced.
End of the works 22/12/2020
The cladding is ready. The shed is mounted and the new fascia is varnished and fitted.
End of the works 18/12/2020
The works on this project in Malina village is over. The bathrooms are completely renovated and equipped. Tiles and laminate flooring are laid on the underground floor. The walls of the staircase and the underground floor are primed and painted.
End of the works 10/12/2020
Then the concrete is delivered with concrete mixer and is poured. Then the workers have leveled the surface. The foundation of the printing machine is completed.
Dismantling works in Varna Renovations and Repairs
After 02/12/2020
The works start with dismantling of sinks and mixing taps. Then the aluminum profiles and lighting are unmounted. The electrical installation works are then started. The granite flooring and concrete base are then demolished.
Building WC cabins in Varna Renovations and Repairs
End of the works 30/11/2020
The works have completed. The dividing walls and doors of the cabins are installed. A boiler is mounted. Sinks and bathroom accessories are also fitted. Industrial sink is placed in the room.
Villa near Balchik Houses and Villas
November 2020 17/11/2020
Excavation works for the septic tank begin. Earth is removed with excavator.
November 2020 04/11/2020
Bituminous primer is applied on the outer walls of the pool. The skimmers and the pipes are installed. The electricity and water supply of the pool are also installed. Then soil is backfilled.