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Here is a selection of our recent projects with many photographs and explanation of the building process. Keeping you updated and fully informed about the progress makes things easy to perceive and understand.

Whether searching for building of a house, a swimming pool or repair works you can find new ideas, follow the up-to date works or just explore the current projects. So, what's new?

What's new

November 2022 28/11/2022
The retaining wall behind the house is completed. The air conditioners are installed. Interior doors are also installed. The flat concrete caps are being fitted on the top of the balconies' walls. Then the exterior tiles are fitted on the patio around the house, the BBQ and around the pool. The facade around the caps of the balconies is plastered. The fitting of granite tiles on the internal staircase begins. It is bordered with a decorative, golden edging. External edgings are also installed. The tiling of the outer walls of the pool continues.
Progress of the works 21/11/2022
The laying of insulation on the roof continues. The fascia and the OSB boards are primed and varnished. After the insulation is laid, the installation of corrugated bitumen sheets begins. The internal joists and the OSB boards are fitted.
Beginning of the works 21/11/2022
The construction and mounting works near Varna begin with manual excavation for sewage. Thick sewer pipes and inspection shafts are installed. Excavations for reservoirs and modular stations are being prepared.
Progress of the works 08/11/2022
The laying of contact primer, as well as screeding on the patio around the house begins. Rebars are fitted and hand-mixed concrete is poured into the damaged areas. After the screed is ready, the fitting of granite tiles on the patio begins. The expansion joints have been applied. The foundation for the coping stone of the pool is being made.
End of the works 04/11/2022
The works on the 1st stage have been completed and after the supply of the metal structure, the works on the 2nd stage will continue with building and installation works on axis B.
Progress of the works - 5 27/10/2022
A concrete-contact primer was laid on the walls of the pool near Balchik. Laying of coping stone begins with leveling. Then the walls are plastered and rendered. Waterproofing strips are laid on corners, as well as two-component waterproofing on walls. The coping stone has been fitted. Then the glueing of the glass ceramic pool tiles and the grouting begin.
Progress of the works - 5 03/10/2022
The masonry with concrete blocks is ready and the wall is plastered from the outside. The old asphalt in front of the entrance of the grain storage is cut with concrete cutting machine for a new flooring. The flooring is demolished with a pneumatic hammer and the place is excavated with excavator. Then the terrain is leveled by hand. Gravel is laid and compacted. After that a polyethylene membrane is laid and then a rebar grid is fitted. The leveling for the concrete is done. The concrete is poured and leveled.
September 2022 28/09/2022
The building works in village of Rogachevo continue with the laying of two-component waterproofing on the concrete slab. The bricks have been delivered and the preparation for masonry begins. An excavation for a septic tank is dug. Then the masonry with stones of the walls of the septic tank begins.
End of the works 12/09/2022
The new metal fence panels and posts are installed and the concrete has cured. The site has been cleared and leveled after the construction works to leave it in a clean and tidy condition. With this, the construction and assembly works in the kindergarten are completed.
End of the works 31/08/2022
The repair and waterproofing of the foundations of the silos in General Toshevo has been completed. The two-component waterproofing was laid on the walls and the tops of the silos. A new pointing was made. The bases are painted with high quality, exterior paint.