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Here is a selection of our recent projects with many photographs and explanation of the building process. Keeping you updated and fully informed about the progress makes things easy to perceive and understand.

Whether searching for building of a house, a swimming pool or repair works you can find new ideas, follow the up-to date works or just explore the current projects. So, what's new?

What's new

Beginning of the works 24/11/2021
The works begin with dismantling of the existing wall and hand excavation. After the excavation is completed, the workers tie the reinforcement and install it in the foundations. The mixing of the concrete begins.
November 2021 23/11/2021
The shuttering of the perimeter wall is removed and the walls of the house are being waterproofed . The construction of the walls of the barbecue continues.
November 2021 22/11/2021
The works on the exterior tiles are almost finished. The first floor of the house is painted. The fronts of the steps of the staircase are plastered. LED lighting strip is installed on the ceilings on the first floor. The glass screens in the bathrooms are also installed.
November 2021 18/11/2021
Granite tiles are fitetd inside and outside. A scaffolding was assembled and another layer plaster is applied. Moldings are installed around the windows. Primer and mineral plaster have been applied and the site is cleaned. Stone is fitted on the steps.
November 2021 04/11/2021
The shurreting is removed and a backfill is done. The wall in front is completed. The place in front of the retaining walls is reinforced and concrete is poured with a concrete mixer. The scaffolding has been dismantled.
Villa near Balchik Houses and Villas
October 2021 25/10/2021
The villa is plastered. The workers apply the fine plaster on the ceilings of the terraces on the groubd and first floor and in front of the barbecue.
End of the works 12/08/2021
The repair works on this project in village of Topola have been completed.
End of the works 10/08/2021
The concrete for the columns has been poured and have cured. The building works of this solid part of a perimeter wall in Krapets village are completed.
Renovation of a villa near Balchik Renovations and Repairs
End of the works 04/06/2021
The new wooden tops of the railings are fitted. The iron railings are dismantled, fitted and strengthen. The guttering system is finished.