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Here is a selection of our recent projects with many photographs and explanation of the building process. Keeping you updated and fully informed about the progress makes things easy to perceive and understand.

Whether searching for building of a house, a swimming pool or repair works you can find new ideas, follow the up-to date works or just explore the current projects. So, what's new?

What's new

Progress of the works 17/08/2022
Concrete is poured for the concrete walls. The masonry above the concrete walls is being built. The concrete is being vibrated.
Beginning of the works 15/08/2022
The building works on the kindergarten in Dobrich begin with machine and hand clearing of the construction site from plants. The demolition of the old concrete belts, as well as the dismantling of the old metal fence, begins. The concrete columns are also dismantled. The terrain is leveled and then prepared for digging of the foundations. New metal fence panels are being installed.
End of the works 01/08/2022
The construction and installation works in the grain warehouse near General Toshevo have been completed. The concrete belt is ready. Masonry with concrete blocks also. Panels of LT metal sheets are completely installed.
July 2022 - part 2 29/07/2022
Tiling begins in the bathrooms on the ground floor of the house. In the rooms, the installation of decorative moldings and cornices continues. The gutters are installed on the facade of the house. The scaffolding is dismantled.
End of the works 21/07/2022
The building works in village of Rogachevo have been completed. The glazed widnows, wooden shed is ready. The driveways to the parking lots have been completed. The structures in front of the garage and the parking lot are plastered.
End of the works 08/07/2022
The living room, the hallway and all the other rooms in the house are painted. New flooring is installed in the rooms. The building works near Balchik are completed.
End of the works 15/06/2022
The construction works on this house near Albena end with the laying and grouting of paving tiles.
End of the works 14/06/2022
The installation works on the wooden fence near Durankulak have been completed. The fence, the wooden door to the property, as well as the wooden gate of the driveway have been installed.
Progress of the works 09/06/2022
A concrete countertop with mosaic was poured for the kitchen. The iron works include making a barbecue grill by design.
End of the works 16/05/2022
The construction and repair works of this apartment in Varna have been completed. The roof has been completely repaired. The bathroom is completely ready (new concrete floor, screed, plaster, waterproofing, ceiling, plumbing and electrical installations, fitting faience and terracotta tiles, installed toilet unit, sink and boiler, accessories, tap, etc.). The facade of the apartment has been repaired and plastered. An entirely new electrical installation has been installed in the apartment. The apartment is completely painted inside. Laminate flooring is laid. After the completion of the construction works the apartment is cleaned with an industrial vacuum cleaner.