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For more than 30 years Varaks provides complete building services in Varna, Dobrich, Balchik and Kavarna areas.


For more than 30 years Varaks provides complete building services in Varna, Dobrich, Balchik and Kavarna areas. Part of our range services and in-house solutions include:

- Site and soil surveys
- Piling and underpinning
- Concrete and shuttering
- Steel frame and
- Brick masonry
- Roofing
- Plastering
- Painting and decoration
- Project management

Project on focus

Family house in Topoli village, Varna area

The newest building hotspot near Varna - village of Topoli - has a lot to offer due to its location, calmness and space.

The project includes 221,45 m2 total internal area of the house. The ground floor will contain open plan kitchen with dining area and living room, office, toilet and heating system room. Three bedrooms, two shower-rooms and utility room will be situated on first floor.

There are 2 parking spaces in front of the house and a well-sized garden behind it.

Who we are

Varaks was established in 1990. More than thirty years, our company has always aimed at providing high quality services to its clients.

We have completed a number of projects and take a leading position in the construction branch in Varna, Balchik, Dobrich and Kavarna areas.

Varaks takes real consideration of the wishes and concerns of our clients. We always fulfill their requirements, meet deadlines and deliver a first class finish to every project with thorough attention to detail.

Choosing our company you will always receive the best building services in a friendly and professional manner.

What's new

Progress of the works 07/01/2022
The shuttering is made for the retaining walls, which will be on the side of the gutter, as well as the base of the concrete gutter itself. The same works are to be done on the other side of the house.
Beginning of the works 04/01/2022
The work begins with the relocation and removal of furniture from the rooms and the dismantling of the laminate flooring.
December 2021 21/12/2021
MDF skirting boards are installed on the staircase and in the rooms.

Clients Testimonials

  • Bathroom renovation and repaint of an apartment in Varna

    Васил А.

    Наехме Фирма „Варакс-Строй“ ЕООД за извършване на основен ремонт на нашето жилище в гр. Варна, който включваше и изграждането на нова баня. Фирмата подходи съвестно и отговорно към поставените задачи. Възложените по всички части СМР бяха изпълнени качествено и в срок, съгласно действащата нормативна уредба. Фирма „Варакс-Строй“ ЕООД има богат професионален опит в сферата на строителството и разполага с много добри ръководен и изпълнителски екипи. При извършването на ремонтните дейности Фирмата осигури необходимите специалисти и ни съдейства със закупуване и доставяне на качествени материали за ремонта.

    При започването на ремонтните дейности Фирмата създаде много добър синхрон между различните участници в процеса, а също и с нас, като възложители, така, че във всеки един момент бяхме информирани до къде са стигнали в изпълнението на възложената работа и какво предстои.

    Като цяло сме с отлични впечатления от дейността на Фирма „Варакс-Строй“ ЕООД и я препоръчваме като надежден партньор за съвместна работа.

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  • Building perimeter wall in Krapets village

    Christoph K.

    Wir haben Varaks Constructions über das Internet gefunden und mit einem der Geschäftsführer (Martin) Kontakt aufgenommen. Es ging um den Bau einer soliden 40 Meter langen Betonmauer in Krapets! Wir wurden vom ersten Kontakt, über die Angebotsvereinbarung bis zur Abnahme perfekt betreut! Die Chefs lassen sich mehrmals pro Woche beim Bautrupp sehen und kontrollieren alles Wichtige regelmäßig! Was uns besonders gefallen hat waren VORAB die Hinweise wie sich die bulgarische Bauweise (z.B. bei der Schalung) von der deutschen unterscheidet! Die uns versprochene Qualität wurde zu 100% erbracht. Wir werden auch wieder für unser anstehendes Hausprojekt ein Angebot von Varaks Constructions einholen und können die Firma uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen! Vielen Dank Martin und Team !!!

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  • Drainage channel on a house in Albena area

    Ilona B.

    Wir Engagierten Varaks zu Arbeiten an dem Betonweg und dem Kanal zur Entwasserung, wie auch zu Remontierungsarbeiten an der Fassade. Wir waren mit der Arbeit zufrieden und haben diese fur Renovierungsarbeiten an unserem Swimmingpool erneut aufgesucht. Wir empfehlen Varaks als einen verlasslichen Partner.

    See the project
  • Reconstruction of a house in Rogachevo village, Albena area

    Руслан В.

    Я хочу выразить личную благодарность компании Варакс-Строй с которой мы сотрудничали в рамках реконструкции моего дома. Компания Варакс-Строй выполнила строительные работы точно и своевременно и работали качественно. Поскольку я был очень доволен их услугами, я решил нанять их для второго моего проекта. Рекомендую Варакс-Строй как ответственную и надеждную компанию, осуществляющую профессиональные строительные работы.

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  • Installation of wallpapers in Golden sands, Varna area

    Randolph V.

    Varaks team recently did some excellent alterations to my apartment in Iglika complex, Golden sands.
    My tiles.. outside on both balconies removing the old and replacing with new also beautiful new grates fitted, the redecorating: coving fitted throughout the apartment looks amazing total repaint and papering just on certain walls totally transforms the place varnish where required banisters,

    Some plasterboard work rendering..
    All the window and door frames rubbed down sealed and repainted outside..

    All in all I would recommend your company to anyone needing a high standard of work completing in all the trades..

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