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Construction and repair works of a house near Albena

The construction works near Albena include the implementation of the following external works:

     - Concrete patio between the house and the pool - demolition of old concrete patio, load and carry of construction waste, excavation of the terrain by hand with thickness of 20 cm - excavation works to level the terrain;
     - Construction of retaining wall - expansion of existing excavation - by hand, excavation for retaining wall foundations - by hand, supply and fit reinforcement N 10 in foundations, shuttering of the retaining wall, supply and pour concrete in foundations and in retaining wall with mixer-pump, backfill and ramming, leveling of the terrain around the pool, supply and lay polyethylene foil, supply and fit reinforcing grill f6, supply and pour concrete B-25 for concrete flooring with concrete-pump, construction of 3 steps (formwork, reinforcement, concrete);
     - Drainage of the house - excavation for plumbing - by hand, supply and install of PVC pipe f110, incl. fittings and laying sand, backfilling with ramming;
     - Making a wooden canopy - processing of wooden structure - beams and ribs, supply and install wooden structure and varnishing, fit new wooden boarding, varnish tongue and groove - double sided, fit tongue and groove and fit insulation between the ribs, supply and fit fascia - varnished on both sides, supply and lay bituminous primer on the boarding, supply and install foil and bitumen tiles, supply and fit gutters and downpipes, screed with thickness over 10 cm, strengthening the concrete beam on the terrace with metal structure, demolition of an existing iron column;
    - Construction of concrete patio - demolition of concrete, earth excavation, ramming of layers every 20 cm and leveling the terrain, supply and lay of polyethylene foil, reinforcing grill F6 and concrete B-25 for pavement base with concrete pump, construction of a concrete patio with columns;
    - Concrete structure for the garage roller blind, roof of the concrete structure - demolition of concrete wall and foundation, column of concrete bricks and concrete bricks, excavation 60/60/60 for concrete columns, formwork of concrete columns and beam, supply and fit reinforcement in beam and column bases, pour concrete for columns, beam and bases - made by hand, processing of wooden structure - beams and ribs, mount wooden structure, supply and fit tongue and groove and varnishing on both sides, supply and fit roofing foil and nailing of battens, supply and install roof and ridge tiles, supplt and and install of processed fascia.

  • Start Date:05.2022
  • End Date:07.2022
  • Location:Albena
  • Category: Renovations and Repairs