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Construction and repair works of a house near Albena

The owners of the house approach our building company to fix a leak in a bedroom and bathroom of their house. In order to find and fix the leak, we need to perform the following construction works:

- Cutting of pavement with joint cutter,
- Dismantling of sidewalk tiles,
- Demolition of a concrete slab,
- Digging by hand at a level of -2 m,
- Dismantling of plasterboard in the rooms,
- Laying waterproofing,
- Backfill and ramming,
- Pour concrete,
- Supply and fit of gutters and drain grates,
- Fit plasterboard in the rooms,
- Plastering, priming and painting.

  • Start Date:04.2022
  • Location:Albena
  • Category: Renovations and Repairs