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Foundation of big printing machine in Varna

The construction and repair works on another project in a printing house in Varna include:

- Cutting joints in concrete with a depth of up to 15 cm;
- Demolition of concrete flooring with a hammer;
- Manual excavation and loading to Bobcat;
- Removal of construction waste with wheelbarrows up to 50 m, loading and transportation to a landfill;
- Supply and removal of gravel with wheelbarrows, ramming;
- Supply, hand removal and fitting of reinforcement;
- Load, carry and transport earth to licensed depot;
- Supply and pour high-density concrete B-25 with a concrete mixer;
- Supply and fit fiber on the walls.

  • Start Date:12.2020
  • End Date:12.2020
  • Location:Varna city
  • Category: Renovations and Repairs