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Building and repair works on grain warehouses near General Toshevo

The construction and mounting works near General Toshevo will be carried out in two grain warehouses. They include the following types of construction and installation works:

- Warehouse 1 - masonry with concrete bricks 15 cm, partial repair of masonry, partial repair of plaster, removal of building waste;

- Warehouse 2 - masonry, demolition of concrete pavement up to 20 cm thick, delivery and installation of reinforcing mesh ⌀ 8, delivery and installation of joints, formwork H = 2.50, delivery, transport and laying of concrete with concrete pump, concrete belt on brickwork (includes shuttering, reinforcement, concrete).

  • Start Date:07.2022
  • End Date:07.2022
  • Location:General Toshevo
  • Category: New build