Clients Testimonials

Васил А.Projects: Bathroom renovation and repaint of an apartment in Varna  

Наехме Фирма „Варакс-Строй“ ЕООД за извършване на основен ремонт на нашето жилище в гр. Варна, който включваше и изграждането на нова баня. Фирмата подходи съвестно и отговорно към поставените задачи. Възложените по всички части СМР бяха изпълнени качествено и в срок, съгласно действащата нормативна уредба. Фирма „Варакс-Строй“ ЕООД има богат професионален опит в сферата на строителството и разполага с много добри ръководен и изпълнителски екипи. При извършването на ремонтните дейности Фирмата осигури необходимите специалисти и ни съдейства със закупуване и доставяне на качествени материали за ремонта.

При започването на ремонтните дейности Фирмата създаде много добър синхрон между различните участници в процеса, а също и с нас, като възложители, така, че във всеки един момент бяхме информирани до къде са стигнали в изпълнението на възложената работа и какво предстои.

Като цяло сме с отлични впечатления от дейността на Фирма „Варакс-Строй“ ЕООД и я препоръчваме като надежден партньор за съвместна работа.

Heather K.Projects: Repair works and new bathroom in Botevo village, Varna area  

Whether building, renovating or just repairing a house, finding the right Contractor is the most important part of your project.  A Contractor who you can put your trust in from start to finish and who will get your job done.

I am extremely fortunate to have been introduced to Varaks Construction. Martin and his team have completed the first part of my project to the highest standard and to my complete satisfaction.  Even when I was out of Bulgaria for a time, he kept me updated with progress reports and pictures of the works completed - I knew exactly what to expect when I came back to my house.  

We are currently planning the second part of my project and I am excited to get going on this in the near future!

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Varaks Construction to anyone as a reliable, trustworthy and highly professional company.

Luximmo ltd

С настоящето изразяваме нашето удовлетворение от фирма "Варакс", като коректен и отговорен партньор при взаимните ни бизнес отношения. Вследствие на дългогодишната ни съвместна работа и доказан професионализъм, възложихме на "Варакс" извършването на ремонтни дейности в основните ни офиси, които се намират в г. Варна, бул. Владислав Варненчик 112, ет. 2, 6/7
Възложените ремонтни дейности по всички части, бяха изпълнени качествено и в срок, съгласно предварително поставените изисквания. Фирма "Варакс" има богат професионален опит и разполага с много добри ръководни и изпълнителски кадри. 
Ние сме с отлични впечатления от цялостната дейност на фирмата във връзка с изпълнението на възложените строително ремонтни дейности не само за използваните от нас офиси, но и при съвместната ни работа с наши клиенти, които са закупили имоти чрез нашата агенция и са изполвали услугите на "Варакс" за своите нужди. Преворъчваме я като надлежен партньор за съвместна работа .
На ваше разположение сме за допълнителни въпроси и коментари, свързани с бъдещи проекти на "Варакс", за които сме убедени, че ще бъдат изпълнени професионално и всеотдайно.

Евгени О.Projects: Roof repair in Varna   Children's bedroom renovation in Varna  

Впервые я работал с Вараксом в 2016 году, когда они полностью отремонтировали крышу над моей квартирой, полностью удалили старую крышу и установили новые балки и фермы, новую деревянную посадку, битумную грунтовку и черепицу, а также новые желоба и водосточные трубы.Компания также отремонтировала чердак и лестницу в моей квартире.

В следующем году Варакс сделал реконструкцию детской комнаты. Компания переделала дверное место, отремонтировала стены, где это было необходимо, положила пол из плитки и плинтус, а также поклеила новые обои. Работа с Мартином и Вараксом была легкой, честной  и своевременной. Я бы рекомендовал компанию всем, кто ищет надежного строителя с реальным качеством и ценой.

Randolph V.Projects: Installation of wallpapers in Golden sands, Varna area  

Varaks team recently did some excellent alterations to my apartment in Iglika complex, Golden sands.
My tiles.. outside on both balconies removing the old and replacing with new also beautiful new grates fitted, the redecorating: coving fitted throughout the apartment looks amazing total repaint and papering just on certain walls totally transforms the place varnish where required banisters,

Some plasterboard work rendering..
All the window and door frames rubbed down sealed and repainted outside..

All in all I would recommend your company to anyone needing a high standard of work completing in all the trades..

Красимир Г.

През август 2017 закупих къща в село Рогачево, която не беше обитавана близо 8 години. Нуждаеше се от ремонт на покрива и цялостно вътрешно шпакловане и боядисване, също така и ремонт на мокрите помещения.

Обърнах се към фирма Варакс строй. Фирмата извърши целия ремонт качествено и в срок. Мога да кажа, че останах много доволен от извършения ремонт.

Chris B.Projects: Exterior repainting and repair works in Sokolovo village  

Martin and the Varaks team have done a fantastic job converting my garage at my villa into a spacious bedroom. They did everything including rending painting fitted doors and windows to a fantastic specification and a full re tile of my roof terrace. I would highly recommend this team knowing you can leave your home in safe hands.

Hugh J. and Mariana V.Projects: Interior painting and repair works in villa near Balchik  

We are happy to say we engaged Varaks to carry out building works in our house. The walls and ceilings needed repair and painting. Beside that the wooden parts of the house (railings, fascia, columns and beams, tongue and groove) were sanded and varnished. Some other works, like clean and grout balcony tiles and silicone aluminum joinery, have also been done.

Communication with Martin is easy and he keeps us posted about how the process goes. This is not the first time we have used Varaks and it will not be the last time either. They carried out this work unsupervised by us as we were out of the country at the time, they followed our instructions to the letter and on our return we were delighted with the results. We would recommend the company to everyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy builder in northern Bulgaria.

Martin B.Projects: Repair works on a house in Preselentsi village  

My house needed some remedial work carried out to protect the outside wall from the weather from the ground up to about one metre. Varaks carried out this work after supplying me with a suitable quote for the job. The rendering and inset stone work was carried out effectively with a very satisfactory result. The home is now dry and visually very attractive outside. Additional work was carried out during this time on other parts of the house and garden, which was all done to my satisfaction. I was kept updated regularly with photos so that I could see progress and the final completed project. The work was done within the quoted amount and I was pleased with the result. Thank you for a job well done.

Ксения Ю.Projects: Repair of front patio, arbour and perimeter wall in Varna   Railings and anti-slip mats for swimming pool patio, Varna area  

Я привлекла Варакс в связи с ремонтом внутреннего дворика входной двери, беседки, патио и перила бассейна, ремонта стены периметра, покраски и т.д.  Я очень довольна услугами, так как компания реализовала строительные работы не могла присутствовать в Болгарии не смотря на это, Мартин предоставил мне регулярные отчеты и фотографии процесса работы. Я настоятельно рекомендую Мартина и его фирму для всех, кто нуждается в надежном строителе, поскольку работа с ними была легкой, и результат было отличным и превзошел все ожидания! 

Ilona B.Projects: Drainage channel on a house in Albena area  

Wir Engagierten Varaks im Jahr 2015 zu Arbeiten an dem Betonweg und dem Kanal zur Entwasserung, wie auch zu Remontierungsarbeiten an der Fassade. Wir waren mit der Arbeit zufrieden und haben diese fur Renovierungsarbeiten an unserem Swimmingpool erneut aufgesucht. Wir empfehlen Varaks als einen verlasslichen Partner.

Paul S.Projects: Roof renovation of a family house near Durankulak   Construction of a solid wall near Durankulak   Countryside house renovation near Durankulak  

All the work carried out at the property, has been to a high standard and would recommend our builders – Varaks company.
From the onset they have delivered a truly high standard of work. We bought the property in a rundown state and it required a monumental amount of work, both inside and out, this includes the following:
A complete new roof, totally stripped off, new roof foundations, new timber spars and top of the range tiles, finished with dressed fascia boards and plastic down spouts and gutters.
All new electrics, with power outlets to all rooms including bedrooms, Modern discrete down lighting throughout.
Modern kitchen area full wired and plumbed ready to receive any style of modern kitchen.
All new plumbing, including new boiler fully tiled wet room & shower, running to a new septic tank.
All internal walls covered and straightened.
All new UPVC windows and doors, giving a light bright rooms and a greater sense of space.
All external wall covered with modern heat insulation, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter, producing much lower running costs.
The amazing new boundary wall built to a high standard in a traditional style giving the property a unique aspect with both in & out. Powered Gates with additional side gate offering security and practicality.
Leading on to the very large gravel car parking area, offering space to park a number of cars plus added security.
My wife and I are very happy with the standard of work, the cost of the work and the degree of difficulty given its remote.

Rick H.Projects: Renovation of a house in Obrochishte village, Albena area   Oval pool in Obrochishte village, Albena area  

After meeting with a few building companies, I ultimately engaged Varaks to do some major renovation works to the house that I purchased in early 2016.  I was impressed with the responsiveness of Martin, and the timeliness and quality of the renovations, so I decided to engage his company to do some additional works which included a new swimming pool, paving the driveway, a new sun deck and a total kitchen redesign as well.  When I was travelling abroad, he was always in contact, he sent pictures of works in progress, and generally kept me fully updated.  His English is excellent which ensures that no misunderstanding occur.
As a result of working with Varaks, the house I bought has been transformed into something that I am proud to show off to all my guests and I thoroughly enjoy living in it, it has become my home.
I can honestly say that working with Martin was the best decision I could have possibly made and would recommend him without hesitation to any other client.

Руслан В.Projects: Reconstruction of a house in Rogachevo village, Albena area  

Я хочу выразить личную благодарность компании Варакс-Строй с которой мы сотрудничали в рамках реконструкции моего дома. Компания Варакс-Строй выполнила строительные работы точно и своевременно и работали качественно. Поскольку я был очень доволен их услугами, я решил нанять их для второго моего проекта. Рекомендую Варакс-Строй как ответственную и надеждную компанию, осуществляющую профессиональные строительные работы.

Nikolay J.Projects: Roof renovation of a villa in Albena area  

I have worked with Varaks for many years now. They do repair works of varying complexity in my house in Bulgaria in a comprehensive manner.
I can highly recommend the firm in all respects. They are able to keep the initiative to get things done irrespective of the fact that I travel across time zones and tend not to be available. They are quite flexible in terms of all arrangements and know their client well. English works well with them. As a result work never stops due to misunderstandings.
I am personally taken care of by Martin, which adds a touch of family-owned business flavour which I cherish a lot.
I am happy to recommend them especially to international clients with complex needs.

Richard J.Projects: Building and repair works of a house near Krapets  

Varaks team has been very professional in building and renovating. Most of the work was done with us in the UK – Martin is an excellent communicator and constantly kept us up to date with the works through photos and videos. The standard and quality of work is excellent. 

The northern Black Sea coast is unspoilt and stunning with white sands and crystal clear seas. The more we visit Bulgaria the more we find. We are looking forward next year to our first year in our beautiful villa in the sun.

Дедракс АДProjects: Foundations for printing machine in Varna  

Останахме доволни от извършените строително-ремонтни работи от фирма Варакс. Бързото и качествено изпълнение е причина отново да се обърнем към тях за следвация ни строителен проект. Благодарим на екипа. Препоръчваме фирмата, като надежден и коректен партньор.

Светлана К.

Летом 2016 года я обратилась в компанию "Варакс строй" для выполнения дренажных работ в частном доме. Мастера работали качественно. Также мне необходимо было установить раковину во дворе.

Каменщик, который прекрасно справился со своей работой, изготовил во дворе моего дома раковину, в старом болгарском стиле, украсив ее натуральным камнем.
Спасибо руководителю и мастерам!

Lindsay P.Projects: Renovation of an apartment in Varna  

We engaged Vаrаks to carry out the renovation to our apartment in Varna. Martin had provided a comprehensive review of the works that needed to be carried out and a full quote for these, which included repair of external chimneys, roofing items and plaster, repair of plaster internally and repainting and all internal and external doors. The job proceeded in a very professional and friendly manner. Martin was able to offer suggestions and was easy to communicate with. Where I had identified some additional works to renovate the balustrades on the terrace and generally clean up this area, Martin was able to recommend how best to carry this out and provide a prompt quotation. On completion, the apartment was thoroughly cleaned and left in a tidy condition.

The works were carried out to a very high standard, and the finished apartment looks like new. I was not able to spend much time in Varna, and Martin provided a through progress report with pictures and expanded all the items that were necessary.

We would recommend Varаks for any building work or alterations.

Държавно ловно стопанствоProjects: Hunting Lodge complex   Façade renovation of an administrative building in Balchik   Renovation on roof construction of a nursery garden in Sokolovo, Balchik   Villa in Dolishte, Varna area  

Специални благодарности на целия екип на Варакс. Прецизната ви работа и качествено обслужване ни връща при вас за изпълнението на всеки нов проект. Затова и заедно успяхме да построим и реновираме много наши обекти. Надяваме се, че и в бъдеще ще работим заедно и ще запазим дългогодишното си партньорство.